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Welcome to Bell Technologies

Bell Technologies, Inc. is a Digital Content Creation tools company, providing a full line of affordable FX products, from render box rental to graphics workstations.

We are located in Los Angeles, the center of Digital Content Creation industry.  We provide FX solutions with products such as Render Rack rental and high-end Intel workstations.  Render farm and Render nodes rental are available from 1 week to 1 year.

  • GPU Workstation / Render

  • Monitors / Wacom

  • Render Nodes

    • High CPU density – up to 88 CPU cores per 1u
    • 1u GPU render (2-4 GPU)

  • Storage Servers

  • Workstations

    • Latest GPU (up to 8 GPUs) workstations for Redshift, Octane, Resolve, etc…
    • Latest i9 and Scalable Xeon processors
    • Up to 384GB of memory
    • Latest Geforce RTX video
    • Latest RTX Quadro video, up to 48GB per video card
    • 1u workstation

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